Sunday, January 5, 2014

38 Weeks Beautiful

(From Friday!)

I've been needing some inspiration lately. At 38 weeks pregnant, I am very, very pregnant. I've reached the point where I bump into things, it's hard to put shoes on, and I sometimes need a push from Sean just to get out of bed (and I'm not talking a pep talk - a literal push). Baby is hanging out so low I feel like I could sneeze and she'd be here. My stomach is riddled with stretch marks.

In my heart, I know that it's beauty. It's the beauty of the life I'm growing, the ability to do this. I have a true love for my body, regardless of its size or color. But sometimes, I'm overwhelmed about much I an outside observer of myself. It doesn't feel like my body. I'm very excited to meet our little one, even if it means I'll be flabby and exhausted. 

In any case. I've had a crush on this photo for ages. And I'm glad I finally took one of myself, thanks to this tutorial.

It makes me see the beauty once more.
38 weeks. 6 days. 

Due in 9 short days. 

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