Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Life Snippets

- Natalie is 2 weeks old today. It amazes me how much she's changed just in these 14 days. She's still not nursing, and pumping is a pain, but I'm doing it. She gets hiccups pretty much constantly, which is hilarious and kind of pitiful. I love that she tracks us, especially if we're talking and not holding her (or someone else). Her hands are always by her face, and she won't sleep if we swaddle them in - I guess it's a comfort thing? She was like that in both her ultrasounds too.

- I'm pretty sure this child is all Sean's. She sleeps like Sean (hunkers down into her swaddle or drapes a hand over her face), she looks like him, everything. Thankfully she's (generally) a pretty solid sleeper like him too - and now that she regained birth weight I don't have to wake her up. *Knock on wood* she usually only wakes up once in the night, though sometimes that wake up is as long as 2 hours!

- I find eating and pumping to be a hard schedule to keep. I feel like as soon as she's asleep, I need to do them ASAP, or she inevitably wakes when I start. But at the same time, I want to work on laundry or cleaning or bill paying. I just need to work out a pattern. The hardest is the afternoon - I put her down around 10-11, eat lunch, and then she's up. She'll go back down around 2, but her afternoon nap is so sporadic and fussy that I really can't pump until Sean gets home - and after 6 hours, I'm sore!

- I can't wait for the cold to be over! This weekend was gorgeous so we took little bits out to the dog park and the plaza. It was so wonderful to get out of the house!

- I was so frustrated with Sean this morning. He promised me that he would wake up with Natalie over night so I could get some sleep. And of course he didn't. I'm holding him to it tonight - and making him clean the kitchen today (which I would  have done if I wasn't so tired!).

- I think her nickname is going to be Talie. From us anyway. I know Nat and Natty are kind of traditional but...I don't want a kid named after a beer. :P

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