Saturday, August 21, 2010

#47. Get our own cell phone plan

My first check for my 101 in 1001!

Sean and I got our own cell phone plan today. With my new job, I have a 22% discount with Sprint (plus no activation fees), and Sean has been in a real need for a reliable phone and a PDA for law school. Plus, with both of us making new friends and contacts, it made sense to do the switch now.

We got fantastic new Evos.

It kind of makes me sad to leave the 636, but since Sean was 314, it didn't make sense for us to keep our old numbers. What (soon-to-be) married couple has different area codes? We're now apart of the 816 club. It also marks that last piece that was tying me to my parents, financially-speaking. While it makes things a bit tight, I love the feeling of financial freedom. We budgeted $150 for the phone plan, but it comes in waaay cheaper than that with my discount and isn't going to be as financially straining as we thought. Hopefully a car-refinance for me will help the budget too (maybe enough to cover the phone plan?! probably wishful thinking). That will happen sometime next month I believe.

I've already order a cute little cell phone cover - in argyle! I can't wait til it comes in. My phone is naked right now - and I'm terrified of dropping my Evo until it's well protected. 

And now, I leave you with a glory shot:

Does anyone have an Evo? What are your favorite apps? Any useful tricks that I should know about?


Angie said...

That looks just like my HTC hero from Sprint. I think the evo is the newer one. I LOVE my phone! And ironically enough I JUST blogged about my favorite apps! My blog is private but if you want an invite just email me at and I can send you an invite.
Have fun with your phone!

Genevieve said...

Sweet! My Sean and I still need to get off our parents cell phone plans! Our contracts our up this fall. It will be fun to cut the last tie to our parents.

Jessica said...

Jerome and I are different area codes. I've had my number since HS and it's a 636. J wanted a 314 so that it wouldn't be long distance for his family to call him. He's switching to AT&T in a few weeks for the iPhone. (I'll be staying on Verizon and getting his Droid... the Evo is a Droid OS, right??)