Monday, August 30, 2010

Law School - how it's treating us.

Actually, it's not too bad. Seriously.

Sean got his class schedule and the assignments for his first week before school started, and so he read all of the cases and did all of the briefs he was assigned (as far as I understand, a brief is a summary of the case, what he learned from the case, and why it's important to study the case). He went to classes all this week, and since they didn't finish all of the information, he's still about half a week to a week ahead in all of his classes. Conveniently, that meant no homework this weekend (which is nice, since we haven't seen each other this week).

Sean loves to read and research, so this method of schooling is really right up his alley. He loves it. He always has something to talk about, and he's just so excited about things again. Even though there might be more work to do, he's happier and less stressed. Hopefully he doesn't get too comfortable - he knows that this semester means everything in terms of his future - he'll have the same general teachers all 3 years, and let's just say law professors are much less...equitable. If they don't like you, you know it, and your grades will know it. Ah the joys of higher education.

Here's to 1 week down...95 to go.

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