Monday, August 23, 2010

Church Success!!

We found a church. Thank God.

We were really starting to get discouraged. All the churches we had been to were old and boring. Sean and I, despite popular belief, are not old and boring. We needed a church with young people. Having just moved here, we wanted a young adults group where we could meet people and have things to do. Church groups are perfect for this kind of thing. We had found a church that sounded perfect to us, but it was up by our current apartment - when we decided to move, we realized our new church needed to be closer to our new (and hopefully long lasting) home. We were really starting to worry that we weren't going to find a good church.

We started searching with the churches closest to us. The first church was okay, but not perfect. The second was awful (complete with draperies hanging off the pulpit). This was our third search. It was actually the first one that tipped us here - the bullentin kept mentioning events, but they were all held at St. Mark's. So we decided to go to the heart of the action. And we fell in love.

We knew pulling up. The people in the cars on either side of us were young adults. It was a huge church. And the church was full. People just kept coming. The priest cracked jokes the entire time, and everyone was involved. There are people of every age - it was just awesome.

It's a little farther away than we wanted - it's actually in Independence, rather than KC. But it's only about 15 minutes away from our new place, which is perfectly fine. We're going to the Saturday night mass next weekend, as that's the mass we'll be regularly going to. If it's anything like the 11:30 am mass on Sunday, we'll be here for sure.

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