Sunday, August 22, 2010


I am a terrible budgeter. Really, I am.

I am a fantastic saver, and I'm really go at saying "we can't afford that." But when it comes to spending, once I tell myself I can spend money, I have a tendency to go hog wild.

I'm also terrible at keeping track of what I have spent. Do I know how much I've spent on wedding invites? Nope. Do I know how much I've spent on bridesmaids gifts? Uh-uh. Wedding things in general? That would be a negative. Honestly, the only part of the wedding I've budgeted has been things that our parents are paying for and that we absolutely need. I know exactly how much the reception/catering is, how much the flowers are, how much the photography is, etc. I've consciously shopped around (except for the flowers - I let Mama Byrne go where she wanted, cause I didn't have much of a preference and she was paying for them).

I don't want to think about my invites or maids gifts, mostly because I know what I want. I know exatly what I want to have, and damnit I'm going to have it. One thing that does help though, is knowing how much I'm spending per person. Like today...I found an awesome deal on something I really wanted for my girls, but had all but given up on. Just by wandering into an Old Navy Outlet - I spent $60, but it works out to $7.50 a girl (including Shanon and me!). Score!

Maybe I'll start getting better. I need to start paying attention to my bank account more I guess. Ah well...maybe one day :p

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