Tuesday, August 24, 2010

And they're off to be printed!!

I've sent the email. My invites are in printing mode.

Sean's cousin Jen owns a printing company, and graciously offered to print any design I came up with for cost. I had been planning to design my own anyway (did you know that the average cost for a design suite PDF - one that you still have to pay for printing - is $125?), and this just ended my stress of printing on my dinky little printer, or dealing with Kinkos.

There are 4 components to my printing - the main invite, the reception card, the map card, and the 2 sided RSVP postcard. We're getting linen paper (which I think will look awesome next to the metallic pocketfold), so we opted for flat printing. All of this for less than $1 per invite. My goal is to spend less than $3 per invite, and so far I'm at around $1.15 with the pocketfolds. We'll have to add in ribbon, envelopes, liners, and postage still, but I'm thinking I can do it. In fact, I might even be able to keep it below $2.50.

The inserts will be done in about a week, but I'll have to wait until I see Sean's parents next. We're opting to have Jen drop them off there to cut out some shipping costs.

The design is something that I definitely made concessions with Sean for. While I love them, I'd prefer something much more modern. He's more traditional. But, I love them nonetheless, and the pocketfolds will make them even more perfect.

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