Friday, August 20, 2010

Loans loans loans!

Sean's loans came in!! Huzzah!!

I hate that I'm this excited about this, and I really wish we weren't relying on them. Actually, we're not relying on them. We can officially live on my income alone. However, we had to put a few things on the credit cards (um, like Sean's new laptop for school) until the loans came in, so now we can pay those off. Aaaaand get shiny new Evos. Which we could month, but why wait if we have the money now? We'll save my paychecks instead :) I also need to figure out how to refinance my car loan with another bank. Can I just go to US Bank and say I want to refinance my 5/3 Bank loan? I'm not sure how that works exactly. If I can put a couple grand down on the loan, I'm sure I could refinance my loan enough to make the payments muuuch lower.

The goal of the next 3 years is to live entirely on my salary, and any extra loan/grant money that Sean gets goes straight to savings (and maybe a bit towards a honeymoon...). If we can live on my salary when Sean graduates as well, we can have all of our loans paid off in just a few years. Changing finances from one person to two is so different. I feel like our money is in a thousand different places, and the OCD part of me is really bugged by this. I really need to work on simplifying it all. Once we get our individual accounts shut down, it'll be much easier, but we need to wait until we have our joint car insurance - which won't be until February or so. Bah. Thankfully, that's the only bill that's coming out of my solo account now (minus checks - I really need to order some for our joint account), so it shouldn't be too difficult.

Sometimes I hate being the financially-savvy one of the relationship - but I know it has to be done :)

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Jessica said...

Ugh. TELL me about it! We both came into the marriage with CC debt (me more than him). his are pretty much paid off. If it weren't for that we could live just fine only on his paychecks. But I'm the one who does all the budgeting; J has semi-expensive taste and kind of wants to buy buy buy everytime we get paid and I'm like, "Dude, slow DOWN!" He's getting an iPhone for his birthday and he wants it NOW NOW NOW which is just NOT going to happen.