Monday, August 2, 2010

Wedding Checks!!

I've been kicking myself into gear doing wedding things this past week. Here's a short little post about what I've done!

1. Finished my pocketfolds. I have 105 done, which is exactly how many we need as of right now. One section of our guestlist (our parents' friends/friends of the family) is constantly changing. Right now, it represents the last 10 invites. I still may need to make a few more, but most of them are done!

2. Finished my bridesmaids' necklaces. I'm soo excited about this one too. I want all the girls to wear the same jewelry (as they all have different dresses), but I'd like to think that I'm being realistic in that I'm not expecting them to wear them more than once. The jewelry is pretty formal, but I still think it's gorgeous. And by making it myself, it means I can get them more things! I do need to find them some jewelry boxes though.

3. Booked an organist. Our church requires that we use their musicians, which isn't too big of a deal. They're pretty low cost anyways. I still haven't gotten in touch with our singer, but the organist is secured.

Next steps: head table runner, DJ, order invites (other than the pocketfolds!), and unity candle.

Oh. And ceremony things. Like the order...we have our music picked out, but we definitely need to hone in on our readings...and our vows. We're planning on using standard vows, but there's still 3 options! We also need to figure out people. We'll need 2 readers, 2-3 Eucharistic ministers, and 2-3 gift bearers.


lenielsen said...

We get necklaces?!? lol

Amanda said...

haha yes you get necklaces. I'm having issues in the stop point for bridesmaids gifts, cause I keep finding new things...oops.